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Sunday, 4th Jul, 2010

Glen Emmets 2-20 Westerns 1-06
Junior Championship 2010
Times Report Viewed:2472


1.Fergus Barnett
2.Derrick Johnson
3.Andrew Mooney
4.Colin Carolan
5.Tom Grimes
6.Stephen Healy
7.stephen Murphy
8.Gordan Healy
9.Ronan Grufferty
10.David Bracken
11.Danny Grimes
12.Eamon Mullen
13.Mark Noone
14.Paul Mc Groarty
15.Keith Rooney

Eamon taaffe for derrick Johnson 40min
keith Farnan for David Bracken 50min
keith lynch for paul mcgoarty 50min
Mark noone 1-03
Gordon Healy 0-1
Ronan Grufferty 0-2
Stephen Murphy 0-2
Eamon mullen 1-6(pen-2 free)
David Bracken 0-2
Keith Lynch 0-1
Keith Rooney 0-2
Tom Grimes 0-1
3rd min westerns

4th min emmets win penalty after mark noone got taking down in the square
score 1-0 Eamon Mullen Penalty

7th min point from david bracken long ball into square well won finished from very tight angle

11th min long run from danny grimes point with left foot from 30 yards

12th min point from westerns

14th min keith rooney well worked point from 20 yards

17th min 50 scored by eamon mullen against gael force wind.

18th min westerns point

24th min point from mid-fielder Ronan Grufferty

27th min point for westerns
stoppage time points from tom grimes an Eamon mullen

HT Emmets 1-08
Westerns 0-4

Second Half

31st min point from free by mark noone 20 yards

32 min point from westerns

33 rd min point from david bracken won kickout straight over bar 40 yards

36 min point from play eamon mullen

40 min point by eamon mullen

44 min westerns hit post an crossbar with same attack

47 min westerns score goal great block from andrew mooney full back, rebound scored

48 min mark noone from play

50 min point from stephen murphy clean through one on one hit crossbar over for point
Best for emmets stephen murphy,david bracken, ronan grufferty, andrew mooney, mark noone, eamon mullen.....

52 min point from keith rooney good pass from daniel grimes

53 min goal by mark noone great work by stephen murphy squared for noone when could of shot

54 point from mid-fielder gordon healy

56 min point fron westerns

58 min RED CARD westerns player seroius foul play

stoppage time points from mark noone,stephen murphy, keith lynch

Emmets 2-20
westerns 1-06


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